L'utilisation et le jugement des dictionnaires de français par des étudiants québécois et acadiens


  • Gaëlle Ten Broek Faculté des lettres et sciences humaines, Université de Neuchâtel




This study concerns the usage and the judgment of French dictionaries by students from Quebec and New Brunswick. It enables to understand which dictionaries are the most liked and bought based on their form and content. The analysis is done on three different dimensions: diatopic, gender and study level. The purpose is to determine which dictionaries are the most used and possessed, and if they equal to the one they judge as the best in content and form. The results showed different important aspects of the linguistic situation and the knowledge of European and Canadian dictionaries. In the first place, the sense of identity of these students has been highly emphasized. In the second place, there is an apparent difference in treatment of the sociolects by the students of Quebec and New Brunswick. In the third place, the results showed an important dissimilarity between the dictionaries that are the most known and possessed and the one judged as the best with respect to their form and content.




Comment citer

Ten Broek, G. (2016). L’utilisation et le jugement des dictionnaires de français par des étudiants québécois et acadiens. Travaux neuchâtelois De Linguistique, (64), 59–85. https://doi.org/10.26034/tranel.2016.2927



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